About Us
Mama Bear's Bakery & Café has been a Fishers favorite for many years. We offer fresh breakfast sandwiches, soups, salads, wraps and baked goods in a wonderful "lodge" like location. Whether you choose to enjoy our patio, our cozy seating areas or our drive through window (entrance behind Detour) our aim is to make Mama Bear's an intentional place to visit.

We want to nourish you with not only good food and good coffee, but an atmosphere of fellowship and community. We hope you enjoy our offerings.

About Them
Mama Bear's newest offering of Hubbard & Craven's Coffee has truly been a genuinely rewarding decision. The commitment level that Rick Hubbard & Jerry Cravens put into the global search for their product, the roasting process and the overall education and appreciation for the enjoyment of their coffee is bar none.

We are so pleased to be a "Proudly Serving" Hubbard & Cravens location, one of the first, and almost look forward to the seasons change to produce a new flavor realm of coffees to enjoy.

About You
Mama Bear's Bakery & Café truly wants to be your "go to" place. The third place you might come daily after home, work or school. We want to promote community events and post them on our community calendar.

We aspire to have monthly "After Hours" events to bring music, talent, groups, clubs to the Geist area, in our cozy, welcoming environment. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your day.