Whether it’s for your morning business meeting, ladies luncheon or a celebration with friends at your home, Mama Bear’s has just the right tasteful menu to make your event stand out.  Always prepared with you in mind, our fresh ingredients, years of catering experience and dedication to helping you create a memorable event is a recipe for success. 

Catering items can be PICKED UP in disposable serving ware at a pre-set time at Mama Bear’s or the items can be delivered, set up for you to serve your guests with the remaining equipment/serving ware  be picked up at a later time.  Charges are per person pricing with guest count required 48 hours in advance.  A 20% deposit is required to secure the event date.
Continental Mama
Assorted platters of muffins, scones, small cinnamon rolls, bagels with accoutrements, pastries and coffee service.  Add Coffee Service $3.00 per person.
1-15 Guests $7.00
16-50 Guests $5.50
Grand Continental Mama
Assorted platters of muffins, scones, small cinnamon rolls, pastries, bagels.  Also included are individually portioned cups of yogurt parfait’s, muesli and fruit cups.  Add Coffee Service $3.00 per person.
1-15 Guests $9.50
16-50 Guests $7.50
Hot Mama
Choose two flavors of quiche, fresh fruit bowl and small assortment of muffins, small cinnamon rolls, bagels and pastries.  Add Coffee Service $3.00 per person.
1-15 Guests $13.50
16-50 Guests $12.50
Simple Coffee Service
A brew of Single Origin and a Blend brew of Hubbard & Cravens coffee complete with cups, sleeves, and set up.  A deposit will be required for coffee urns.
1-15 Guests $3.00
16-50 Guests $2.50
Mama Bear Box Lunch
Choose from an assortment of Egg Salad, tuna Salad, chicken salad sandwiches, Southwestern Chicken or or Chicken Oriental wraps, served with a side choice (Asian slaw, potato salad, fruit cup, cottage cheese), chips and a cookie.
1-15 Guests $13.50
16-50 Guests $11.50
Sandwich Platters
Platters loaded with Mama Bear assorted sandwiches:  tuna salad, chicken salad, egg salad, turkey club, Southwestern Chicken Wrap, Chicken Oriental wrap.  Also served with your choice of two salads (fruit salad, cottage cheese, potato salad, Asian slaw); assorted chips and a dessert platter.  Served with Iced tea.
1-15 Guests $14.50
16-50 Guests $12.50
Baker & Salad Buffet
Bear sized baked potatoes served with a bevy of toppings along with your choice of two bowls of Mama Bear Custom Salads: Southwestern Chicken; COBB; Chicken Oriental; Poppy Seed Chicken; Buffalo Chicken.  Also served with a dessert platter and Iced tea.
1-15 Guests $14.50
16-50 Guests $12.50
Hor's Doevre's
Cold Appetizers
Veg Tray with Spinach and Ranch Dip
Fruit Tray with Sweet Yogurt Dip
Assorted Finger Sandwiches
9-layer Mexican Dip with tortilla chips
Cheese and Antipasto platter with crackers
Caprice kabobs
Smoked Salmon with capers and cream cheese (additional charge)
Marinated jumbo shrimp cocktail bowl with spicy cocktail sauce (additional charge)
Hot Appetizers
Buffalo Chicken dip with Blue Corn Tortilla chips
Terriyaki Chicken Skewars
Prosciutto wrapped asparagus
Choice of two hot/two cold
1-15 Guests $15.00
16-50 Guests $13.50
Choice of three hot/three cold 
1-15 Guests $18.00
16-50 Guests $16.50
Dessert Buffett
Choose from a selection of mini desserts for the ultimate sweet tooth.  Please contact us for a seasonal menu items or a Gluten Free selection. Full size dessert slices (pies and cakes) are also available for an additional fee.
Mini Cheesecakes
Mini Cinnamon Rolls
Mini Cupcakes
Small Scones 
Dessert Bars (customized)  
Brownie Bites
Choice of two desserts
1-15 Guests $7.50
16-50 Guests $6.50

Choice of three desserts
1-15 Guests $9.00
16-50 Guests $7.00
Individual Items
Choose from these selected items or JUST ASK…Mama Bear will gladly make something special for your event!  That’s the beauty of being independently owned and committed to the Geist Community!
Quiche $30.00 pan
Coffee Cake $22.00
French Toast Bake $30.00
Beef Barbecue $55.00
Lasagna (veggie or meat) $55.00
Buffalo Chicken Dip Pan w/ Chips $55.00
Veggie Tray w/ Dips $45.00
Fresh Fruit Tray w/ Dip $45.00
Chicken Salad $8.00 lb
Tuna or Egg Salad $6.00 lb
Additional Service/Delivery Charges
Delivery Beginning at $20.00
Pick Up Beginning at $20.00
Scrollware $.50 per person
Beverage-ware $.50 per person
Serving Fee 25% fee for serving the event
Ask about pricing for linen/china/silverware.